Your Yearly Health Check - How we Manage your Long Term Conditions (LTC)

Dear patients, 

We are improving the way we work with those of you living with long-term conditions

Patients living with certain long-term conditions are encouraged to attend a Yearly Health Check.

Long-term conditions are those that impact over a long period of time, such as diabetes and heart diseases.

You will receive personalised care and support from healthcare professionals from our team.

This will cover things that matter most to your health and wellbeing, from the best treatment for your condition, to wider things like employment, housing, and mental health.

Our goal is that by planning care together with care, you will have the confidence to manage your health, reduce their risk of being admitted to hospital, have a better quality of life and build a working partnership relationship with our team at Somerset Gardens Family Health Care Centre. 

There are YouTube links below with clear explanations of what you be expecting when you come for your yearly health check.

Please find here the link with subtitles

Your Yearly Health Check (SUBTITLED) - YouTube

Please find below the link without subtitles

Your Yearly Health Check (SUBTITLED) - YouTube


Published on 29 September 2023